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Infinite Word Search is a more in-depth take on an American classic! With 35 different categories to play under and multiple modes and styles of play, this game will keep you searching for words for hours on end! Just find the category you like most, and keep your eyes peeled for words in all directions!
Test your skills in Progression Mode, going through 30 levels of increasing difficulty, or try out the more casual Infinite Mode, where you solve things at your own pace and with your own difficulty setting. As you play, you’ll stumble across and unlock Achievements. Try to collect all 10 achievements as you search for words!
But if you’re the extremely competitive sort, then the Multiplayer Mode is what’s right for you! Face off against your friend or a stranger in a race to see which of you can find the most words! Afterwards, you can check the Leaderboards to see how you stand compared to the rest of the players.
Multiplayer features include:
Quick Match - No log-in and no hassle of any sort required, you can just jump right into a match with a random player in this mode. Signing in to your Facebook account, while not required, will let you save your progress and intimidate the other players just a little bit with your record.
Play Friends - Connect your Facebook account with the app and play against your friends in a race to find the most words.
Leaderboards - After your match, hop onto the leaderboard and check how your record compares to that of your friends! And if you have your Facebook account connected, you can access the Premium Multiplayer Leaderboard. Don’t just aim to be higher than your friends, aim to be higher than the rest of the world too!
Infinite Word Search is completely FREE to play, so dive right in and enjoy the virtually unlimited amount of single and multiplayer Word Search Puzzles offered to you!

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